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Online and Hybrid Courses in Business

Course Title Source Description
Managing the Digital Enterprise Michael Rappa , North Carolina State University This example of open courseware is for teaching a university-level course in e-commerce, delivering all of the content online. Discussion topics include: design, web metrics, business models, auctions, agents, security, encryption, privacy, and intellectual property, Internet governance and ethics.
Business and Entrepreneurship Olin College, Sloan-C This course introduces students to Business and Entrepreneurship. It is for first year students and jumpstarts student learning in entrepreneurship by having students build their own businesses. This course is in the so-called "do-learn" model, a.k.a. constructivism.
Concepts in Economic Evaluation Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, JHSPH OpenCourseWare This course describes how economic theory is linked to economic evaluation techniques like cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis and to introduce students to many concepts that are specific to economic evaluation.
Leadership Tools and Teams MIT OpenCourseWare This is course was created for students to develop a leadership development tool that could be used in a leadership program. This tool might be a coaching guide for second-year pilots, a leadership workbook for MBA students to use during their summer employment, a leadership assessment for club presidents or a workshop on networking.
Project Managment Essentials Anne Arendt , Utah Valley State College All inclusive course covering 25 topics relating to project managment. Includes assignments and all lecture notes.