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Online and Hybrid Courses in the Humanities and Fine Arts

Course Title Source Description
Introduction to Philosophy Timothy Torgerson, OWL Institute A historical survey of the Western philosophical tradition from ancient Greece to modern Europe, developed using Moodle.
Exploring Jazz Arranging; An Online Interactive Multimedia Text Chuck Israels,
This self-paced course in jazz arranging lets you read about , watch and hear the techniques in action via the Garritan jazz instrument virtual library.
Dance Skills The Open University This course introduces some key skills and suggestions for how to develop these dance skills with students.
Ancient Wisdom and Modern Love University of Notre Dame Built around Plato's Symposium, Shakespeare, Catholic writings, and several movies, this philosophy course explores the nature of romance and erotic love, integrating the analytic approach of philosophy with the imaginative approach of literature.
Goya The Open University This course guides students through the works of Goya and the influences of the times in which he lived.